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East European Memory Studies

The Memory at War e-newsletter

Monthly in Cambridge term-time

Issue No. 14 (May 2013) -- featuring Zuzanna Dziuban on Belzec and Sobibor; Rolf Fredheim on memory events; and Marielle Wijermars on the memory of Stolypin.

Issue No. 13 (March 2013) -- featuring Joanna Michlic on the stigmatization of dedicated Polish women rescuers during WWII and its aftermath; and Tom Rowley on the memory of Vladimir Vysotsky in contemporary Russia.

Issue No. 12 (December 2012) -- featuring Rachel Polonsky on fantasy and authority in Putin's Russia, and Kati Parppei on the role of medieval battles in collective imagery of the past

Issue No. 11 (October 2012) -- featuring Jussi Lassila on the generational dimensions of Russian war memory; Julie Fedor and Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa on the challenges involved in studying Russian digital media; Tanya Zaharchenko on the Drobitsky Yar memorial; Pavel Polian on Russian history politics; and Galina Rylkova on the construction of a new mythic image of Stolypin as a forerunner of Putin

Issue No. 10 (May 2012) -- featuring Gernot Howanitz on 'Stalin and Computer Games' and Julie Fedor and Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa on 'The Colour of Russian Protest'

Issue No. 9 (February 2012) -- featuring Alexander Etkind on 'Mourning and Melancholia in Putin's Russia' and Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa on '4 February and the History of Russian Protest'

Issue No. 8 (December 2011) -- featuring Aleida Assmann on 'Ghosts of the Past' and Andriy Portnov on 'Studying Memory in the Polish-Russian-Ukrainian Triangle'

Issue No. 7 (November 2011) -- featuring Vera Zvereva on 'Historical Events and the Social Network "V Kontakte"' and Meike Wulf on 'Changing Memory Regimes in a New Europe'

Issue No. 6 (June 2011) -- featuring Andrzej Nowak on 'The Battle for Smolensk/Katyn'

Issue No. 5 (May 2011) -- featuring Catriona Kelly on 'The Trajectories of Memory: Everyday Life in a Trans-Socialist City'

Issue No. 4 (March 2011) -- featuring Alexander Etkind on 'Magical Historicism'

Issue No. 3 (February 2011) -- featuring Mark von Hagen on 'War, Peace and Memory'

Issue No. 2 (November 2010) -- featuring Harald Wydra on 'Shifting the Gravity of Memory in Europe'

Issue No. 1 (October 2010) -- featuring Alexander Etkind on 'Mapping Memory Events'

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