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Galina Nikiporets-Takigawa

MAW Special Consultant in Linguistics and Quantitative Analysis
Cambridge team

Curriculum Vitae

Relevant publications:

  • Edited volume: Integrum: tochnye metody i gumanitarnye nauki [Integrum: Quantitative Methods and the Humanities] (Moscow: Letnii sad, 2006)

  • 'Memory Narratives and Negotiation in Post-Socialist Old and New Media', Old Conflicts, New Media: Commemorating the Socialist Experience Online, 2011

  • 'Digital Communication of the Russian-Speaking Community as a Reflection of Language Contact and Performance of Identity', Slavica Helsingiensia, Instrumentarium of Linguistics: Sociolinguistic Approaches to Non-Standard Russian, Helsinki, 40 (2010), 369-80

  • 'The Project of Neologism Dictionary of XXI Century: Corpora-Based Methods of Searching for Neologisms', Russian Linguistics and Language Education, Tokyo, 2 (2008), 11-26

  • 'Neologisms: Computational Search Methods with Markers of Novelty, and Limitations of Computer-Based Approaches', Slavica Helsingiensia, Helsinki, 34 (2008), 276-91

  • Corpora-based Approaches to Several Lexicographic Tasks, Russian Linguistics and Language Education, Tokyo, 1 (2007), 123-138

  • 'Integrum: tochnye metody i gumanitarnye nauki', Russkii jazyk za rubezhom, Moscow, 2 (2007), 80-82

  • 'Aktual'nye leksicheskie processy v russkom jazyke konca XX - nachala XXI vekov: fiksacija i analiz pri pomoshchi komp'juternykh resursov i tehnologij', Materialy XI kongressa MAPRJaL, Varna (2007), 276-82

  • 'Post-Soviet Russia: Virtual and Real. The quantitative methods of analyzing political and social trends in modern Russia', ICCEES Regional European Congress, Berlin (2007), 203-4

  • 'Komp'juternye tehnologii dlja rusistiki', Trudy i materialy III Mezhdunarodnogo kongressa issledovatelej russkogo jazyka "Russian Language: its Historical Destiny and Present State", Moscow State University (2007), 624-25

  • 'Komp'juternye tehnologii dlja modernizacii rusistiki', Materialy Plenarnogo zasedanija prezidiuma MAPRJaL Pekin (2006), 48-49

  • 'The Corpora-based Approaches for the Humanities', Journal of Japanese Association for Slavonic and East European Studies, Tokyo, 27 (2006), 3-24

  • 'Secondary Borrowings in the Russian Language of XXI century', Integrum: Quantitative Methods and the Humanities (2006), pp. 87–107

  • 'Aggression in Mass Media Language – Quantitative Analysis', Jazyk, soznanie, kommunikacija, Moscow State University, 37 (2006), 18-25

  • 'Russian Language Policy' (with John Dunn, Julia Safonova), Integrum: Quantitative Methods and the Humanities (2006), pp. 195-216 )

  • 'Foreword', Integrum: Quantitative Methods and the Humanities (2006), pp. 6-13

  • 'The Language Policy in Russia and the Role of the Russian Linguistic Society', Journal of the Institute of Language Research (2005), Kyoto, 63-85

  • 'Language Norm in the post-Soviet Sociocultural Situation', Jazyk, soznanie, kommunikacija, Moscow State University 26 (2004), 33-38

  • 'Integrum for Humanitarian Research', Japan Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (2005), Kyoto, 26-27

  • 'The Role of the Linguistic Society in the National Language Policy', VII ICCEES World Congress in Berlin (2005), 291

  • 'Jazyk SMI v sociolingvisticheskom aspekte: otrazhenie obzhshego processa snizhenija jazykovoj kompetencii', Materialy mezhdunarodnogo kongressa «Russkij jazyk na rubezhe stoletij», Moscow State University (2004), 440

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